Monday, April 30, 2012

SUMMER : FAM BAM x Sun kissed = SUPER TAN!

After weeks of being a lazy home buddy, 
finally got the nerve to blog. haha. 
How's your summer going?
I just realized mine wasn't that boring after all.
It's a food-filled summer! LOL.

My lil kiddo turned three last 9th of April.
Weee.. He's a big kid now! 
Thank you Lord for the gift of life. :')

We had a double celebration because my big bro's
lil princess also turned two. 
Our babies are growing fast. Hihi.
My brother and his family made it home
here to celebrate it with us.
It's because they're based at Ipil, 
Zamboanga Sibugay.
I'm glad they find time to come home again.
So we're one happy and complete family
once again. 

Unfortunately, I can't show you photos 
during the said birthday celebration.
I transferred the pictures in my lappy, and my
lappy is out for vacation. LOL.
It's with mom. She's currently out of town.
Mom's making me envy again. She's always traveling.. T__T

But anyways, I have photos here with me
about our escapade after the birthday party.
BEACH baby!
Basilan is blessed with
breathtaking natural resources and spots. 
Simple yet elegant in its own way.
I could vouch to that. 
Feed your sight with these random 
shots around Basilan.
Just a short tour.
I hope these wont bore you. :)

A small falls just located near the road.
 Road trippin'..

Brother with my kiddo

Bro's GF with D.

Fell inlove with this.
 Who love beaches more than we do? :D

The famous Malawi Island's white beach

My D's afraid of the water! haha
 Fuego Fuego

The next pictures are our beach 
outing with the family.
 The place is called Lampinigan Island.
A separate island but still goes 
along the Basilan border.
Quite far and no assurance 
of the place's safety.
It's a 20 to 30 minutes ride with a bangka.
I find the bangka not that convenient.
Walang atip! So we're exposed
under the heat in almost 30 minutes! Grrr.
But we love adventure! haha.
Though I got a KJ dad. lol.
We went to beach with the 
wrong beach attire.
We don't want to catch attention
so we dressed ordinarily.

Brother's wife with lil princess Chaela.

Lovin' this natural rock formation

Mom's epic shot. lol.
 I swear she got those water in her ears. haha,

Happy family

Brothers and sister.
 I was so busy enjoying
this white sand beach that's why I'm not 
in most of the pictures or any?  -__-

Mom with her friends

With all the sun exposures, 
I got toasted. haha.
Super tan!
Sun-kissed = summer!

And that's all for now.
Thanks for visiting! :)


promding chamimay said...

wwooooowwww!!! inggit!!! been wanting to explore places na halos walang nakakapunta dito sa area natin hehehe :-)

rachelle said...

ngaun lang nagkaroon ng chance to explore places like this.. hehe. oo nga, my friends from zc are dying to have a visit here.. takot lang sila.. :D

Kai Grafia said...

Woooow!!! I cant even remember when's the last time I went to the beach!!! :( I wanna go there!

rachelle said...

beach is somewhere you shouldn't miss during summer ate Kai.. :)
we just brought friends to Malamawi last week.. :)

Pinay R. said...

beautiful pictures ... especially of the beach, the falls, the trees ... so enticing!!

Just happy to see the pictures... don't think I would go there, though!!!

rachelle said...

thank you.. i guess you love nature too madame.. :)
i was just sharing our experience though I'm not really encouraging you to go..
the place isn't really that safe..
thank for dropping by..

eigroj said...

The place looks amazing the water is crystal clear and took very beautiful photos,,, just glad to hear that you're having fun.

Franc said...

Tan is the color of summer.

germz said...

blue is always in every picture. how nice the pics naman...

lakwatserongunggoy said...

fantastic set of photos!

athena said...

OH MY !!!
I'm just so ecstatic as I read through!
Malawi Island was the place I went to nung tumakas ako on a weekend para mag swimming with my teachers! Woooot
So happy for this post!
I love the beach as well :)

merlmd said...

if it wasn't so far (and a bit scary), I would love to go there.

sir rob said...

For us, summer is not good here in this part of the world. The heat of the sun won't go down below 40's so it's like you are roaming around inside an oven.

joan said...

Parang ang sarap mag Swimming.. hehehe..

Love the pics..

MaryJane Tauyan said...

all the photos looks amazing!! belated happy bday to your lovely kids!! xx

Francis Balgos said...

looks nice!
and we feel in love with the same photo..

Mai Flores said...

Grabe ang ganda ng beach! Would definitely research more on that -- might be my next destination! :P

markpogi said...

Wow! I'd make sure to go there next summer. ^_^

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