Thursday, March 29, 2012

Junkies For Sale

Hello bloggers.
It's Friday, so TGIF!

Here's some of my NEVER USED cosmetics
and they're held for sale.
I'd love to keep them but then I already got a bunch for myself.
So I'm throwing these babies out for sale.

NYX Round Lip gloss in Doll Pink
110PHP (my actual photo)
I'm not really into glossy type. This one's unsealed but never 
used or swatched or the like.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink
200PHP (actual photo)
Bought this matte lippy around 270 pesos.
But due to my "katangahan", I accidentally damaged the tip.
Twisted it with the cap on. 
So maybe the 70 pesos off the price is reasonable for a very 
minimal damage. 

6pcs NYX Round Lipsticks
(2 narcissus, tea rose, louisiana, pink lyric, fig)
Here are 6 tubes of round lipsticks. Sealed.
Below are actual photos + googled photos
for a clearer view. :)
They're at 150 pesos only.

Tea Rose (FAV!)
Pink Lyric

I forgot to post the picture of NYX in Fig.
I'm on a different computer now. ><

Here's the 12pcs brush set I mentioned in my earlier blog.
Provided a better pictures of them below.

Selling them at 350 pesos only.
Original price is 420php. :)
They're unused.

Tri-folded with magnetic locks.
A better look. :)

If anyone's interested please don't hesitate to PM at 09278635704.
Since I don't go online often, I prefer text messaging nalang
for faster transactions. :)

There you go.
My shameless post. Haha.
Happy Friday beauties! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Acquisitions

It's summer and I'm stuck at home for two long months! @.@
Yes, just home. My summer officially started Friday of last week.
If only I got a four-year course, I should have graduated na din sana. *sigh*
Unfortunately, the course I'm in don't offer summer classes, so I don't have a choice but to stay home.
I know in a way blogging would make my summer not that boring. ;)
My parents won't let me get a summer job. Well then, I'll be a totally home buddy the whole summer time.

Moving on my boring summer, I just thought of sharing you guys my recent purchases.
They're mostly online finds.

This is my first uploaded photo so I'll start with this then.

Bought this from Ate Karen of Kai Fragrances.
This scent is personally recommended by Ate Karen. It's named Minuit Blume.
I loved the somewhat "gothic" design in the packaging.
Is "gothic" the right term? hehe. 

It comes in a matte finish glass bottle
 with a somewhat French femme design, I guess. ^.^

I love this scent Ate Kai recommended.
Very refreshing and lasts all day long. Thumbs up!

Moving on...

Next, another lippies! <3
I'm in love with this particular brand.
So I thought of purchasing their best sellers, the matte lipstick and soft matte lip cream.

SMLC in Stockholm is now a FAV! Just the right nude for me.
 I didn't really like the shade I got for matte. It's in Summer Breeze.
I'm like Lady Gaga. LOL! It's a very bright pink.
I didn't like it with my "morena" complexion.
 Deceived by the pictures. ><

And then, Brushes!

The first one is an unbranded 12pc brush set.
The truth is, I really don't know why I bought this. I don't even know how to use some of them. HAHA.
I didn't use them yet, so I'm thinking of reselling this set. (all hopes of finding a buyer).

And this is another cheap basic brush set. Hihi.
 It comes in a cute animal printed pouch. ;)

This set is <3. I love this 4pc brush set.
It's from benefit. Received this as a gift. Yey!

It comes in 4 brushes.

I just took some shots on different views. 

Honestly, I'm still not sure on how to use them since I don't usually 
put on eye shadows. o.O

I'll just show you detailed pictures then.

The powder brush.

The hard angle brush.
I actually don't have any idea how
I'd use this. For eye liners? :)

Shadow liner.

And fluff shadow brush.

There you go. *wink* ;)
I still have some online buys that are still in transit.

Here are grabbed photos from the seller and the others
are googled. :)

3 Milani lip liners.
Milani pressed powder.

CG lipstick in Fresh Jam shade.
Maybeline lip liner in Rose shade.
And another liner. CG outlast liner in Plum shade.

Another unhealthy cosmetics coming. >.<
Too late. *regrets*
I guess I have to refrain myself from 
online shopping from now on.

How about you? 
What are your recent finds? :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

This is definitely a Terrible Tuesday. I can't exactly put into words how my day was. I guess no words could even explain. Totally an I-don't-know what. Blah blah.
Thought of blogging again. I haven't been updating my blog these past few days. It's our final exam week. Was so consumed on solving problems and reading notes (CHOS!). I'm trying to keep off the internet 'cause I'm pretty sure I'll be hooked.

So here's how my Tuesday went on.
Slept a lil bit late last night reading (or more like scanning) my business law book. We're scheduled for final exam on our Negotiable Instruments Law at 2PM. Pretty convenient on waking up late though.

Clock ticks 2PM and VIOLAH! Our exam turned out the VERY LEAST I expected it to be. Atty's assistant went on his behalf. The moment I received my test paper, I couldn't stop myself from blurtingout these words "WHAT THE HECK?".
Excuse my language. I can't help it.
The questions was like define this and that and everything. 25 items of defining everything with legal basis? I'M GONNA DIE! Oh God, please don't.

Atty usually gives situational form of exam so I didn't really mind memorizing everything. Just a matter of understanding the law. Memorize = A BIG NO!
Atty wont let us memorize the law too. And I just don't really know why it turned out like that.
So vain, I took some shots of my test paper.

Closer details below.

I was all the way cheering up my brain to try to remember what I read.
"C'mon, you know this."
And it's a little effective though. HAHA. Shelled out some info from
my lazy brain neurons naman kahit papano.
I know this is like eating peanuts for others. But hey, there's always someone with an exception. And yes, it's me.LOL. This what laziness brought me into. 

So that's it. I couldn't bring back my good mood after that.
Went home and slept through it. I thought it would help, but still I woke up 
depressed and again thought for another remedy.
FOOD! It's my first thought.
So I texted my good old friend/classmate. I know we feel the same way though.LOL
I said, "Lezz EAT!"
And in less than a minute a received a reply.
"Bene ya." (COME NA)

Waited for him to fetch me up. Good thing he got the wheels. Haha.
And we're on the way to Paseo. Bar Code is my favorite dining spot.
I don't know but I seem to eat a lot there than in any other place.

So we settled for:
Sizzling Beef Curry
Sea food platter
Cheese sticks (my all time favorite)
Rice platter

I know it's too much for just us two.
The fact that we're both depressed, says it all. HAHA.
Took a shot of the sea food platter only.
We're currently eating the curry and cheese sticks na kasi.

Tadah! Nagutom ulit ako. HAHAHA.
Say what? I didn't spend a single penny!
Bill = 647 pesos!
So generous of my friend.

And so I did overcome my depression.
Went home with a heavy stomach and a happy face. Hihi.

So, terrible it isn't.
That's how my Tuesday went on. How was yours? :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I was never a fan of cosmetics since then.
As much as I want a simple look, with just a loose powder and a quick glide of my lip balm, I'm settled. But then as I grow older, I could see that my mentioned daily get up
was no longer enough.
Not enough to hide my impurities.
I don't always take the time to put it on but, when I do, I want to find a good blush and a lipstick that will make me look fresh and alive, not overdone.
I've gone conscious about how I look, I mean who doesn't?? Well I know a few who don't. And I could feel that awkward feeling that they should feel. HAHA.

Anyway, this post is also about what I got here. Here's my small pouch.

(Again, sorry for my poor quality photos posted. Left my cam at home.)
Took off some contents so it's halfway filled.

I'll start with my cute lil brushes. ^.^
Bought them online at 120php ONLY. Not bad for a starter.
I liked the brushes' soft bristles and of course, the cute prints. ;)

I also got a retractable brush from Ever Bilena before acquiring those above brushes.
I didn't like this as much as I like my cheap cute-printed brushes.
It's a little hard for me that my face went stressed. Haha.
I don't know, but maybe its just me. :)

Next up, liquid foundation.
I got two. A Rimmel London and San San matte finish
liquid foundation. I got a combination/oily skin.
But they put on nice on me naman. :)
Rimmel London liquid foundation is another online buy.
Price ranged around 500-600PHP. I forgot how much it exactly costs.
It's a Renew and Lift which claimed that its a retexturising and firming foundation.
The SPF thing encouraged me to purchase this.
San San matte finish is also a great everyday wear for me.
I'm also"hiyang" with it.
Plus, it costs way more lower than Rimmel.

I also got Avon's Simply Pretty pressed powder and
blush on. :)

LIPSTICKS! Oh I'm in love with these.

I got five NYX round lipsticks (in Fig, Tea Rose, Paparazzi, Eros and Spellbound)
and a Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in Fudge Brownie (smells soooo yummy!).
I'm into lipsticks more than any other cosmetics.
Hopefully, more lippies to come! ^.^

And of course, lip balm. This one's a glossy type with a cooling
mint flavor. So refreshing. :)

I usually don't put anything on my eyes.
Felt uncomfortable with the eye shadows and liners on.
I think I'm a bit allergic to those. So I'm just putting them on occasionally.
I still manage to have a simple eye shadow kit from Careline.

I love 'em all.

Any more suggestions? :)

2 AM

Been so nocturnal lately and this feeling sucks! As much as I want myself on bed having a good night sleep, I just cant!
Thought of doing something productive so I got my eyes roaming around our four-corner rented room which I share with my sister. My eyes first laid on our table, our messy table.
It got lots of untidily piled notebooks, books, papers, and all other school stuffs and even unnecessary things.

Thought of my books. My babies. My precious. HAHA. Yeah, they're well taken cared of. They looked good as new though they don't do in this picture. Used my good old 2MP phone's cam for this quick shot. Here's a glance.

Oh yes! Accounting books. My food for thought.

I have to keep up with my course so I better grab a baby to take care of and go on through thick and thin for every subject. Here's some more in my closet.
And yes, I seriously need a shelf!

I got some of them uncovered so I thought of covering them to do something productive at this very unholy hour.

Olah! More way to go with these babies! <3
More blogs to come. hihihi :*

Missed you, Blogging!

Tadaaah!! After almost TWO LONG YEARS! Finally. I'm back to blogging. wink*

I used to have this blog as my personal online journal.
No followers and not following anyone. Then I saw lots of blog posts on some social networking sites I'm currently active in (FB,Twitter)
Their blogs caught me 'cause its really something to share with. Then thought of going back to blogging.
Hopefully, I can keep this up. *fingers crossed*
Keep in touch bloggers!