Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Time is Quality Time


My family means everything to me.
But I got a workaholic dad and a becoming-workaholic mom.
I can't blame them though. We're a big family of six and
3 of us are currently on college.
I can feel the need for them to work hard to pursue us.
Them spending time with us on either a
weekend (because they both work on a Saturday)
 or a holiday makes me really really glad.
Even the thought of them (parents) finding time for us,
I can't really say how, but it feels really good and you
know it would bring you happiness deep in side.
I'm saying this because, me having a workaholic dad
(I can't even tell you how much) that you would
 think family isn't his top priority.
Work work work. /floor
I always envy those people (often times my classmates 
and friends) who have supportive and family-first parents.
Parents who are with you in every achievements you made,
make memorable moments with you, share thoughts with you.
In short, be with you and spend times with you
in good times and in bad.
 I know this sounds such a cliché,
but in my case, uhm, not really.

Won't tell you anymore dramas here. /please

I just wanna share with you some fun takes on most of our
weekend getaways. Hello "bukid" moments.
We had more of a rest house located
15 kilometers away from the city.
Far away from the hustle and bustle life in the city.
And hello fresh air! :)

Sister with this not-so-ordinary grown hand of banana.

And more photos...

I did say "more" photos.. :D

Dork-looking eh? That's me (above) /shock
 I hate you sister!!

But no, this ain't our house. /wahaha. 
Visited my aunt's (above) and uncle's (below) home as 
they celebrated fiesta.
Waaah. My kind of dream house. /no

If you haven't noticed, I don't have pictures
or even a shot with dad.
Because we don't have any. 
He's an ANTI-camera/pictures.  /wahaha
Peace dad.

I still have a lot to show you guise,
but I know this ain't FB. /XD

So, how do you or your parents spend quality time with you?
Make me envy again. /please

And /hihi


anjfire said...

Don't worry! You're not alone. Especially these days I never get any family time anymore. But it's all good 'cause I'm the type to work work work too! Haha

Your photos made me miss the outdoors so much! I wish I could go on a similar adventure someday soon :3

Kai Grafia said...

Just after reading your post I felt lucky to have parents who are always with us every evening:) Don't worry dear, sooner or later they'll find time :)

promding chamimay said...

awww... well at least you still get to grab some days like this from them. :-) made me very very conscious about making sure i have special time for my little boy in every stage of his growing... work's kinda eating up a lot of my time too.... :-(

Gemma | My Dailies said...

namiss ko naman lalo ang pinas sa mga photos mo! miss ko na din mommy at daddy ko, sarap na bakasyon pinas!!!

Anonymous said...

love the farm life. love your captures!! very nice family bonding ha. ok yan!

Franc said...

They are just working for you but you just have to make the most of your quality time. Not all families are built the same way but I'm sure yout parents are also saddened that they have to work than spend some time with you.

Koko Tamura (Blogger Bark) said...

i love the simple life... like that with the buko and stuff... i think the peacefulness of nature really makes any bonding time worthwhile

Em said...

love the bukid! :) I have a relative who lives in a bukid too :D :D

athena said...

i can relate with the anti-camera / picture thing! my dad used to not like being in the spotlight as well. ayaw magpa-picture most of the time. :o

Inya said...

So time is the most beautiful time for the kids, that's why I see to it to spend quality time with my kids despite the workloads I have. - KarenT

YANI said...

Vacation/ staycation..whatever it is you seem to have enjoyed a lot about outdoors. :)

tatess said...

Same here .my parents are not like others who should their love publicly but i know how much they love us.

i_strygwr said...

haha thats nice.. ialexis..

hey, we also have that kind of banana ,

markpogi said...

I believe that having a family day is very important for us to have a better future. ^_^

Rossel said...

Nice pictures and houses as well. How I miss the life in the "bukid". I grew up in a small barrio somewhere in Batangas with rice fields in the backyard of our house and coconut trees around.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

as i am a mom now and have my own family living far away in philippines i spent most of my time with friends and family. we its always family time everyday for me since my husband work at home hehe xx

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