Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Being a Mother is a Calling

 Mother's day in the Philippines is celebrated every 
second Sunday of May. A Filipino mother is called the 
"light of the household" around which all activities revolve. 
Families treat mothers to lunch or dinner out, 
spend time with them in a park, 
shopping at the mall, watching movies, 
or giving her time to pamper herself. 
Most families typically celebrate at home. 
Children perform most chores that the mother routinely does,
 prepare food or give their mums small 
handcrafted tokens such as cards.
 - Wikipedia

Why I started this post with Wiki's definition of Mother's day?
 Because I don't know how to start this either.LOL

Kidding aside, I'm writing this to commemorate Mother's day.
And I'm thankful having the best mom ever!

 Mothers are important, everybody knows that.
Do you still remember that proverbial kind of band-aids and liniments
 that helped your scraped knee to heal quickly?
Well, it was not the kind that helped, but it was your mother's
 therapeutic touch and kiss. ^_^
I remember I stumble a lot before, and then after, everything 
would seem to be fine like magic!

Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. 
Some are short and squatty, others tall and thin. 
But all of them have laps that fit and arms that protect 
when you’re sick or hurt or scared.
The mother is that important person who 
sacrificed for you and fell in love with you 
when you were a toddler filled with tantrums. 
She is the person who puts her children's needs over her own.

In the early stages of our life, 
we cannot forget that person who changed our diapers, 
stayed late for us and sacrificed with everything she had just for us. 
The mother's job is anything but easy. She often takes the fallout 
for the toddler tantrums and the teenage angst. 
Despite that, she generally loves her children, us, no matter what we do.
And there goes "being a mother is a calling".

Before birth, their body was in pain to carry us 
in their wombs for about nine months. 
They vomited their food, they suffered from headaches,
 and felt the weakness of their body every morning. 
But because they are mothers, they never complain. 
They make all these sacrifices wholeheartedly without anything in return.

Mothers fuss sometimes, hug sometimes and pray a lot.
Mothers always pray for the goodness of her children's 
life in this world and also what comes after. 
 And eventually they learn to leave you alone to make your own mistakes. 
They may even pretend not to worry. But they always do. A little.

Yet, even then, they forgive us and forget the harsh trade of words as if it
never happened, and we do the same.
Sometimes, our pride won’t even allow us to apologize,
and we prefer to erase the occurrence and go about conversing without incident.
 We sometimes extol our mother's sacrifices from when
we were infants, yet, we cannot describe her "real" sacrifices
and hardships unless we experience them. 

Other people in my life would try to tell me how to do things,
give me advice and attempt to guide me,
 but it never feels completely right. I’m never sure of myself until
 I’ve consulted my parents, especially my mother.
Somebody cares, somebody is there for you no matter what happens,
and that knowledge alone is enough to get you
one step closer to finding a resolution.
Even with our flaws and imperfections, they continue to love us 
and fawn over us as if we didn’t have any, as if we never did.I will forever be thankful for that.
For having a loving mother the way she could.

And more than anything, she is the one person in the whole, 
wide world you can always come back to. 
No matter what you’ve done. 

Whenever and wherever she is, is home.

Happy Mother's day Mamang!


Kai Grafia said...

Aww :') Close to tears remembering my mom! Great tribute dear! :)

rachelle said...

thanks ate Kai! :)

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