Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Time is Quality Time


My family means everything to me.
But I got a workaholic dad and a becoming-workaholic mom.
I can't blame them though. We're a big family of six and
3 of us are currently on college.
I can feel the need for them to work hard to pursue us.
Them spending time with us on either a
weekend (because they both work on a Saturday)
 or a holiday makes me really really glad.
Even the thought of them (parents) finding time for us,
I can't really say how, but it feels really good and you
know it would bring you happiness deep in side.
I'm saying this because, me having a workaholic dad
(I can't even tell you how much) that you would
 think family isn't his top priority.
Work work work. /floor
I always envy those people (often times my classmates 
and friends) who have supportive and family-first parents.
Parents who are with you in every achievements you made,
make memorable moments with you, share thoughts with you.
In short, be with you and spend times with you
in good times and in bad.
 I know this sounds such a cliché,
but in my case, uhm, not really.

Won't tell you anymore dramas here. /please

I just wanna share with you some fun takes on most of our
weekend getaways. Hello "bukid" moments.
We had more of a rest house located
15 kilometers away from the city.
Far away from the hustle and bustle life in the city.
And hello fresh air! :)

Sister with this not-so-ordinary grown hand of banana.

And more photos...

I did say "more" photos.. :D

Dork-looking eh? That's me (above) /shock
 I hate you sister!!

But no, this ain't our house. /wahaha. 
Visited my aunt's (above) and uncle's (below) home as 
they celebrated fiesta.
Waaah. My kind of dream house. /no

If you haven't noticed, I don't have pictures
or even a shot with dad.
Because we don't have any. 
He's an ANTI-camera/pictures.  /wahaha
Peace dad.

I still have a lot to show you guise,
but I know this ain't FB. /XD

So, how do you or your parents spend quality time with you?
Make me envy again. /please

And /hihi

Monday, May 21, 2012


National Federation of Junior Philippine
 Institute of Accountants -
Western Mindanao State University Chapter

Let me brag a minute of something here.
Because somebody has to say it. :D
I'm really ecstatic to write something about this and also
very excited for our new successful CPA's who took the
May 2012 CPA Board Exam. =D>

Accountants? Aspiring accountants? Anyone?
I need you to relate on this post. :D
No, my bad, even fellow WMSU students or graduates.
Crimsons, anyone? 

Just last month, we (WMSU Accountancy) were informed of a very good news.
In fact, two worth bragging news. :D
WMSU chapter is an official member of 
JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants)
or rather the NFJPIA (National Federation of JPIA) 
which is one of the largest student organizations in the Philippines.
In connection with this, say what? 
My fellow BSAc and classmate (5th yr), 
Mr. Brimer Limare brought home
the honor as he vied for the NFJPIA presidency.

And he made it! 
NFJPIA newly elected president.
Hurray! =D>

Just the thought of WMSU outdid other prestigious
schools in the country, that's a lot to give credits for
and something to be proud of.
Pang-Nationwide na ang level!
Knowing WMSU-JPIA just started a few years back
and was abolished then. 
Oh well, I wont talk about it though.
Corporate Accountancy in WMSU is so back!
Yey! We're having new babies again.

Now for the second bragging moment.
Not only WMSU-JPIA bagged the honor
in the national level but also regional! 
Claps! =D>
Another fellow classmate and more of a very close
pal/buddy/co-BG :))

Ms. Jacqueline Valdez, newly elected president of 
NFJPIA - Western Mindanao Council.
Yeeyyy! /XD
(overjoyed) :D

More powers to you guise!
I know that's a lot of responsibilities.
Bring it on.
This is the beginning of our HISTORY!

Proud Crimson!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sweet Tooth X Mrs. Fields Cookies

Hi! Howdy y'all? 
I have another fresh from the oven post here. /hihi
Have you guise heard about Mrs. Fields?
Well I just knew it just yesterday. LOL /wahaha

I did mention how I'm loving FOOD a lot.
Dad came home from Manila and brought us this 
suuupeerrr yummy cookies!
I can't even tell you how super is that, but swear,
this is the best cookies ever!

Because I'm not familiar with this, I made a quick research about Mrs. Fields.
Wikipedia to the rescue! :)

Mrs. Fields Famous Brands is a franchisor in the snack food industry, 
with Mrs. Fields and TCBY as its core brands.
Through its franchisees’ retail stores,
 it is one of the largest retailers of freshly baked, on-premises
specialty cookies and brownies in the US and the largest retailer
of soft-serve frozen yogurt with live active cultures in the United States.
In addition, it operates a gifts and a branded retail business
 and has entered into many licensing arrangements. 
Its franchise systems includes over 300 franchised and licensed
locations throughout the US and in 22 other countries.
 The company also offers retail grocery products and 
a gifting catalog under the name of Mrs. Fields Gifts. 
Mrs. Fields is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I'm like ohh, now I know. :D
Bare with me please. I'm not going around to places that much. 

These cookies are really yumyum.
Dad got only a dozen 'cause it's kinda pricey.
I asked him Krispy Creme donuts for pasalubong but he's not familiar with 
that either. I thought, mana-mana lang. haha
But he bought Dunkin donuts though. -_-
Their cookies are really sweet for anybody's liking.
But I love love sweets! 
I'm glad he got assorted cookies.

You'll know these cookies ain't ordinary on first bite. 
(I know I'm kinda exaggerating here)
But really, their cookies are so soft, real freshly baked.
It got loads of chocolates and nuts.
I'm in love!

Before telling you any more exaggerations, 
I'll leave you one last shot of the cookies.
Took some shot after grabbing some.

Click HERE for Mrs Fields yummy specialty cookies
on their PH website.

How 'bout you? Have you tried Mrs Fields cookies?
How was it?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Being a Mother is a Calling

 Mother's day in the Philippines is celebrated every 
second Sunday of May. A Filipino mother is called the 
"light of the household" around which all activities revolve. 
Families treat mothers to lunch or dinner out, 
spend time with them in a park, 
shopping at the mall, watching movies, 
or giving her time to pamper herself. 
Most families typically celebrate at home. 
Children perform most chores that the mother routinely does,
 prepare food or give their mums small 
handcrafted tokens such as cards.
 - Wikipedia

Why I started this post with Wiki's definition of Mother's day?
 Because I don't know how to start this either.LOL

Kidding aside, I'm writing this to commemorate Mother's day.
And I'm thankful having the best mom ever!

 Mothers are important, everybody knows that.
Do you still remember that proverbial kind of band-aids and liniments
 that helped your scraped knee to heal quickly?
Well, it was not the kind that helped, but it was your mother's
 therapeutic touch and kiss. ^_^
I remember I stumble a lot before, and then after, everything 
would seem to be fine like magic!

Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. 
Some are short and squatty, others tall and thin. 
But all of them have laps that fit and arms that protect 
when you’re sick or hurt or scared.
The mother is that important person who 
sacrificed for you and fell in love with you 
when you were a toddler filled with tantrums. 
She is the person who puts her children's needs over her own.

In the early stages of our life, 
we cannot forget that person who changed our diapers, 
stayed late for us and sacrificed with everything she had just for us. 
The mother's job is anything but easy. She often takes the fallout 
for the toddler tantrums and the teenage angst. 
Despite that, she generally loves her children, us, no matter what we do.
And there goes "being a mother is a calling".

Before birth, their body was in pain to carry us 
in their wombs for about nine months. 
They vomited their food, they suffered from headaches,
 and felt the weakness of their body every morning. 
But because they are mothers, they never complain. 
They make all these sacrifices wholeheartedly without anything in return.

Mothers fuss sometimes, hug sometimes and pray a lot.
Mothers always pray for the goodness of her children's 
life in this world and also what comes after. 
 And eventually they learn to leave you alone to make your own mistakes. 
They may even pretend not to worry. But they always do. A little.

Yet, even then, they forgive us and forget the harsh trade of words as if it
never happened, and we do the same.
Sometimes, our pride won’t even allow us to apologize,
and we prefer to erase the occurrence and go about conversing without incident.
 We sometimes extol our mother's sacrifices from when
we were infants, yet, we cannot describe her "real" sacrifices
and hardships unless we experience them. 

Other people in my life would try to tell me how to do things,
give me advice and attempt to guide me,
 but it never feels completely right. I’m never sure of myself until
 I’ve consulted my parents, especially my mother.
Somebody cares, somebody is there for you no matter what happens,
and that knowledge alone is enough to get you
one step closer to finding a resolution.
Even with our flaws and imperfections, they continue to love us 
and fawn over us as if we didn’t have any, as if we never did.I will forever be thankful for that.
For having a loving mother the way she could.

And more than anything, she is the one person in the whole, 
wide world you can always come back to. 
No matter what you’ve done. 

Whenever and wherever she is, is home.

Happy Mother's day Mamang!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Who's wearing Firmoo?

Hello everyone! How are all of you doing?
It's the 6th Sunday of Easter and of course, Mother's day!
Happy Mother's day to all mommies out there. ^_^
How was it? Bonding with mom? hihi
I'm supposed to share to you how this day went,
but again I'm feeling guilty of having my drafts full.
Laziness kept me busy. LOL,

So, who's wearing Firmoo? :)

Anyways, here's a rather quick and short review of this lovely pair
I got from Firmoo.

 Last Thursday my mom asked me to go over and process something
at Zamboanga. Because I just stay home often, I said okay.
"I can do a little shopping din" with this thought on my mind. LOL.
Right after I reached ZC, I headed at the dormitory I'm staying to
check my stuffs and was welcomed with a
notice from the post office given to 
me by the dorm's in-charge at that moment and also
some packages from my online purchases.
When I received the small paper, Firmoo came to my thoughts first.
I don't do shopping internationally and
I'm not expecting other packages from abroad either.
So it is really from Firmoo, I thought.
I didn't expect I would receive it soon.
I knew some received their packages in at least 2 weeks.
It's just 6 days since I made transactions with Firmoo,
My sunnies are finally here! *I'm one happy pig* lol
So I'm really amazed with that.
 Firmoo is really generous! J

It's free for bloggers anyway. :)

Before anything else, here's something about Firmoo. is an emerging global online eyeglass store offering prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Years of expertise in the optical industry have enabled to offer a variety of high quality prescription eyeglasses to the public at affordable prices. Firmoo is devoted to offering high quality eyeglasses, competitive prices and thoughtful customer service. Only our valued and satisfied customers can further solidify our position as the leading online eyeglass store in the world. For Firmoo's Online Optical Store, user satisfaction is always the highest priority.

Vision and Fashion the Frugal Way

And my sunnies struck a pose.  hehe

I got this unisex wrap around sunglasses in #OTO2580.

Product description:

Sexy dark blue and black frames with tint make these glasses a perfect choice for this summer. Top in quality and the best in fashion, you will have a fantastic time with these sunglasses. Thin metal bar along with the plastic rimmed frames really a hook for those who want to enjoy sunshine. Stay you, stay fashionable and stay cool, our aviator sunglasses will meet your expectation.

 Product features:

Since chic sunglasses have been the must-have for fashionistas, it is the very moment for you to grace your face with trendy sunglasses. Speaking of sunglasses choices, these fashion sunglasses featuring classic aviator style is the very item you should set your hands on. These aviator sunglasses serve exceptionally well in promoting your self confidence and creating that aura for others to look up to. Come on, grace your face with these stylish sunglasses and say hello to your brand new shining image.

It also came with this purple pouch, a cute screw driver and extra screws
which is really a plus for me! *thumbs up*

These are some mobile shots I took earlier today wearing my sunnies
 when we got to visit Lola and because we're celebrating fiesta of Our Lady of Fatima.


I know this would definitely look better on someone with an appealing
nose bridge though. NVM mine, I'm loving this still. LOL.

My perfect summer sunglasses!
I would definitely recommend Firmoo to my friends and to everybody.
They offer wide varieties of glasses to choose from.

So, whatcha waitin' for? Grab yours now.
You can visit Firmoo's site HERE

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My thoughts on Excel LC

I'm suppose to blog about our 
weekend getaway (beach trip again),
 but I saw this on my drafts.
Haven't finished writing my thoughts
on this product.

It is actually the Excel lip cream
which they claim as a dupe for
NYX's soft matte lip cream.
I saw this on most online shops
over Facebook.
I'm just having second thoughts
of buying this because we
never know what's in
it and where it came from (manufactured).
And with the price, 
I thought there's really nothing
good in it.

I'm fond in joining auctions
these days, when I stumbled into
this which they had it on sale
for as low as Php 55!
Some online shops do retail
this at Php 100-150.

But, I was really disappointed
on the result. >_<

Here it goes.
I got the shade no. in 510.
The picture showed a nice
light orange shade so I chose this.

without flash
It comes in a sexy tube and an applicator
like of a lip gloss or lip cream.
What will you expect with a 
Php 55 price tag?

with flash
I swatch it on my arm first.
It glided easily.
It is really a lovely red-orangey color,
but more of orange.
The color is very opaque.
But it turns out really dry
after a minute or two.
Not like NYX's creamy
but matte lip cream.
I'm like "o-oh".
The texture was like a paint or something 
like an acrylic paint that dried up!

I tried removing it with my wet
tissues and added more water 
but it wont come off!
I used our dish washing scrub 
to take it all off.
I imagined it on my lips
and then use a scrub to take it off?
No way! LOL.

oops. wrong focus.

That thought scared me so
I never dared to try it on my lips.
I just wonder what ingredients are
used since there's no ingredients printed on.

I thought of selling this product before.
But now? Big NO.
I wont recommend people
to buy this again.

Safety first!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jannie's Birthday Giveaway

Again, I joined another giveaway!
Because I got nothing to do on the web,
why not try my luck again? :D

It's Jannie's grandest giveaway!
It's her birthday month.
Awesome prizes at stake!
Head to her site to check the fabulous items.
Click HERE.