Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My thoughts on Excel LC

I'm suppose to blog about our 
weekend getaway (beach trip again),
 but I saw this on my drafts.
Haven't finished writing my thoughts
on this product.

It is actually the Excel lip cream
which they claim as a dupe for
NYX's soft matte lip cream.
I saw this on most online shops
over Facebook.
I'm just having second thoughts
of buying this because we
never know what's in
it and where it came from (manufactured).
And with the price, 
I thought there's really nothing
good in it.

I'm fond in joining auctions
these days, when I stumbled into
this which they had it on sale
for as low as Php 55!
Some online shops do retail
this at Php 100-150.

But, I was really disappointed
on the result. >_<

Here it goes.
I got the shade no. in 510.
The picture showed a nice
light orange shade so I chose this.

without flash
It comes in a sexy tube and an applicator
like of a lip gloss or lip cream.
What will you expect with a 
Php 55 price tag?

with flash
I swatch it on my arm first.
It glided easily.
It is really a lovely red-orangey color,
but more of orange.
The color is very opaque.
But it turns out really dry
after a minute or two.
Not like NYX's creamy
but matte lip cream.
I'm like "o-oh".
The texture was like a paint or something 
like an acrylic paint that dried up!

I tried removing it with my wet
tissues and added more water 
but it wont come off!
I used our dish washing scrub 
to take it all off.
I imagined it on my lips
and then use a scrub to take it off?
No way! LOL.

oops. wrong focus.

That thought scared me so
I never dared to try it on my lips.
I just wonder what ingredients are
used since there's no ingredients printed on.

I thought of selling this product before.
But now? Big NO.
I wont recommend people
to buy this again.

Safety first!


Kai Grafia said...

thanks for the warning dear! big uh-oh!

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