Monday, May 21, 2012


National Federation of Junior Philippine
 Institute of Accountants -
Western Mindanao State University Chapter

Let me brag a minute of something here.
Because somebody has to say it. :D
I'm really ecstatic to write something about this and also
very excited for our new successful CPA's who took the
May 2012 CPA Board Exam. =D>

Accountants? Aspiring accountants? Anyone?
I need you to relate on this post. :D
No, my bad, even fellow WMSU students or graduates.
Crimsons, anyone? 

Just last month, we (WMSU Accountancy) were informed of a very good news.
In fact, two worth bragging news. :D
WMSU chapter is an official member of 
JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants)
or rather the NFJPIA (National Federation of JPIA) 
which is one of the largest student organizations in the Philippines.
In connection with this, say what? 
My fellow BSAc and classmate (5th yr), 
Mr. Brimer Limare brought home
the honor as he vied for the NFJPIA presidency.

And he made it! 
NFJPIA newly elected president.
Hurray! =D>

Just the thought of WMSU outdid other prestigious
schools in the country, that's a lot to give credits for
and something to be proud of.
Pang-Nationwide na ang level!
Knowing WMSU-JPIA just started a few years back
and was abolished then. 
Oh well, I wont talk about it though.
Corporate Accountancy in WMSU is so back!
Yey! We're having new babies again.

Now for the second bragging moment.
Not only WMSU-JPIA bagged the honor
in the national level but also regional! 
Claps! =D>
Another fellow classmate and more of a very close
pal/buddy/co-BG :))

Ms. Jacqueline Valdez, newly elected president of 
NFJPIA - Western Mindanao Council.
Yeeyyy! /XD
(overjoyed) :D

More powers to you guise!
I know that's a lot of responsibilities.
Bring it on.
This is the beginning of our HISTORY!

Proud Crimson!


Kai Grafia said...

Congratulations to them and to you of course for belonging to that class! :D

Rachelle Bate said...

haha. I was just bragging on their behalf. :))
thanks ate Kai!

Janna Joshelle P. said...

OMG! Congratulations to them and congratulations to WMSU! Super proud! :D

Jinky said...

Congratulations! Young adults like you and these two bright friends of yours are the future of our country. Keep up the good work! :)

Rachelle Bate said...

Super proud of them too!! Ariba WMSU! :D

Rachelle Bate said...

Thank you! All youths should look forward to that. Thanks for dropping! :)

Eric : Blog De Manila said...

congratulations!!! keep it up!

A lot of friends of mine were members of JPIA during my college years.

Kalabasa K. Kamote said...

Congratulations!!! :)

iaadamlim said...

Congratulations! Good job. :)

melandria said...

well, that's nice and congratulations. hard work and perseverance do really pays.

Rachelle Bate said...

Thank you sir. We'll do. :)

Rachelle Bate said...

thanks :)

Rachelle Bate said...

thank you :)

Rachelle Bate said...

Indeed.. thank you :)

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