Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sweet Tooth X Mrs. Fields Cookies

Hi! Howdy y'all? 
I have another fresh from the oven post here. /hihi
Have you guise heard about Mrs. Fields?
Well I just knew it just yesterday. LOL /wahaha

I did mention how I'm loving FOOD a lot.
Dad came home from Manila and brought us this 
suuupeerrr yummy cookies!
I can't even tell you how super is that, but swear,
this is the best cookies ever!

Because I'm not familiar with this, I made a quick research about Mrs. Fields.
Wikipedia to the rescue! :)

Mrs. Fields Famous Brands is a franchisor in the snack food industry, 
with Mrs. Fields and TCBY as its core brands.
Through its franchisees’ retail stores,
 it is one of the largest retailers of freshly baked, on-premises
specialty cookies and brownies in the US and the largest retailer
of soft-serve frozen yogurt with live active cultures in the United States.
In addition, it operates a gifts and a branded retail business
 and has entered into many licensing arrangements. 
Its franchise systems includes over 300 franchised and licensed
locations throughout the US and in 22 other countries.
 The company also offers retail grocery products and 
a gifting catalog under the name of Mrs. Fields Gifts. 
Mrs. Fields is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I'm like ohh, now I know. :D
Bare with me please. I'm not going around to places that much. 

These cookies are really yumyum.
Dad got only a dozen 'cause it's kinda pricey.
I asked him Krispy Creme donuts for pasalubong but he's not familiar with 
that either. I thought, mana-mana lang. haha
But he bought Dunkin donuts though. -_-
Their cookies are really sweet for anybody's liking.
But I love love sweets! 
I'm glad he got assorted cookies.

You'll know these cookies ain't ordinary on first bite. 
(I know I'm kinda exaggerating here)
But really, their cookies are so soft, real freshly baked.
It got loads of chocolates and nuts.
I'm in love!

Before telling you any more exaggerations, 
I'll leave you one last shot of the cookies.
Took some shot after grabbing some.

Click HERE for Mrs Fields yummy specialty cookies
on their PH website.

How 'bout you? Have you tried Mrs Fields cookies?
How was it?


Kai Grafia said...

Love the new look of your blog dear!! :DD Plus those cookies spell LOVE! :))

Rachelle Bate said...

thanks ate Kai! :)

Mrs Fields said...

Thank you for your support!!

There are new ways to keep up with Mrs Fields Philippines!!

Like us on FaceBook:

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Keep eating our Cookies!! :)

Rachelle Bate said...

very much welcome!
Your cookies are great! thumbs up!
Love your cookies so much. :D

tatess said...

yes, Mrs Field cookies makes the best it.

Gigi Beleno said...

My little boy love their cookies. Sometimes I buy them as "pasalubong" for him.

Franc said...

I'm such a sweet tooth since I love Mrs. Fields cookies.

Cheska Cruz said...

I love Mrs. Fields!!! Super!

Unsugarcoated Reviews said...

LOL at your dad not being familiar with KK and you saying "mana-mana lang" :D

Mrs Fields has been around for quite some time. Their cookies are good but since I'm cheap and easily satisfied, I just buy the cheaper cookies at the supermarkets.

Cute emoticons, lalo na yung tumatawa :))

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

Mrs. Fields is the queen of cookies. I love their cookies, with that I had to ask my US friend to give her priced Mrs. Fields cookbook now I don't buy from their stalls, we bake them.

yuuki said...

too sweet for my taste, but i'm sure there are other type i'm gonna like...

Mai Flores said...

Mrs. Fields also has the best tasting, moist Peanut Butter brownies! The best for me so far! ;) You should definitely try it soon.

markpogi said...

I kinda pass-by Mrs. Fields everytime I see it. But I'm gonna try a cookie one of these days. ^_^

Kathy Ngo said...

I heard of them way back high school and I'm now 31. LOL ... njoy! Try SOFT BATCH Cookies ... you can buy it from the mall and its cheaper but equally good.

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