Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jannie's B-day Giveaway: I WON!

So yeah. I was so ecstatic when I knew I'm one of the lucky winners (first time!) on Jannie's grand giveaway for her birth month. I right away checked what I got and I can't be any happier though I got a consolation prize. Yey!
So I immediately contacted Jannie on her FB account and she told me I can pick up my loot since I am just somewhere around Zamboanga. But due to unexpected events, I can't have it picked up myself so I have to send my sister to pick my loot up.

So here are a few shots of what I got.

Simply packed on a cute plastic bag with a small note. :)

I got Consolidation D.
So it's a Rilakkuma sticky note, accesories, lippies, and a bath sliver.
Just how cool is that? :D

What I was so happy about is that I got the NYX lippy in my ultimate fav shade!
Tea Rose. Another Yey! 
It's the perfect timing because I'm running out of this particular shade which is definitely an everyday wear for me. Just when I am planning to buy one, here it is, for free! ^_^

So that's it. I won't make this long.
I just want to thank Jannie for all of these and of course the sponsors for making it possible. 


athena said...

congratulations for winning! :)
so fortunate :D

Raisie said...

Congratulations! =D

Kai Grafia said...

congratulations! Nice prices ;))

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