Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer: The Secret Circle

As I am on my venture of a totally home buddy this summer, of course ze movies and tv series won't be a miss. I already watched tons of downloaded-by-brother movies that I can't recall them all. LOL. Poor memory. :( I can't remember movie titles I already watched (though I remember just a few) that I have to ask my brother or my sister again. And of course, they can't help but be annoyed. I'm always asking. 

I'm into fictional type of either books, movies, tv series, etc. On books, I love reading Sidney Sheldon's. And to tell you, I'm an avid fan of the well known and most raved about Twilight Saga. Die hard fan ang role.
But really, I was that into Edward that I collect the books itself, t-shirts, posters and the like. I was really glad I've overcome that now. :D Though I'm still patiently waiting for the last part of Breaking Dawn and then farewell!  
Moving on..
Anyone watching The Secret Circle? 
It's a tv series. Anyways,Who's into witchcraft thingy? :) 
Of course, I don't practice witchcraft. I was just fascinated and well entertained and I don't get bored. 
I know this is not their cup of tea for some, but I love it. I love how the story goes. Here's a little something about it. To cut it short, here's what Wikipedia knows. 

The Secret Circle is a series of fictional novel created by L. J. Smith. The series revolves around six teenage witches who form an infamous coven known as "The Secret Circle".

Oh yeah, LJ Smith of The Vampire Diaries.

Now meet the witches of Chance Harbor.

L-R: Adam, Diana, Cassie, Nick, Faye, Melissa
I don't even mind that it's based on teenagers because the acting and writing is well done.
The 22 episodes series is worth the watch. The thing with this TV series is that they make you wait!
(dang!I hate waiting)

I'm just so excited for Season 2!


Franc said...

I watched Secret Circle also.

Gemma | My Dailies said...

I guess I will check it out at Netflix!

Em said...

I'm a fan of this series too! though I wasn't able to watch a couple of its last episodes.. So the Season One just ended.. hmmm.. how long will we wait for the next season? :) I bet they will make us wait and wait and wait just like what they were doing in the past episodes of SC season 1.

The Pastels said...

I like stories with this kind of plot. I guess this is another loads of files to download or hover onto video repositories out there and watch the 1st Season.


Vance Madrid said...

i like Secret Circle and I've been glued to The Vampire Diaries as well. I'll be waiting for season 2!


Kai Grafia said...

Will have to watch this one pa. Saw the commercials of this program :)

Nickle love said...

I watch this show, I think it's 'meh' but I still watch it. They could have done better, some things I find annoying. But again, I still watch it. :|

Anonymous said...

i like the story, but i kinda don't like some of the actors/actress :3

Inya said...

My sister loves to watch The Secret Circle.- KarenT

Anonymous said...

saynag lang kasi it only runs for 1 season... nacalcel yung show...

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