Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bounce and Play!

This one's a super late post. My blog's been idled for weeks. 
Finally got the will to write one. hehe.
This one's about my devilish lil angel. 
Yes, he's a devilish but one sweet lil angel.

He's a 3-year old grown kiddo. And he's the reason why 
I don't get myself to blog often.
Shall I say procrastination does. LOL.
My kiddo is quite a handful. 
So I should keep my eyes on him often. 
Nanny's off (sigh) during summer since
 we got no summer classes.
So I'll be a full time mommeh to D
the whole summer.
So it's catching up time.

Moving on.. 
Just last week, my kiddo and I accompany my mom 
for her overnight stay in Zamboanga. 
She's leaving for Manila in connection with her job. 
Mom is always traveling and I envy her for that. 
I'm gonna travel around the PH too, soon. :)

So we checked in at Marcian Business Hotel. 
She opted for a hotel around town for more 
accessible food and store establishments. 
Here's a shot of mom and D when we got to the room.

Another D's seductive pose. He used to do that. Ugh.
 We right away reached for the bed! Achy feet we got with all the walking.

Here's me with my big kid. :))
His I-dont-care pose.
After a short nap, 
I thought of bringing him to that kiddie 
place where he'd be entertained.
He gets bored and would go all the way pasaway. 
So fun castle is the place to be.

Here's a few shots.
His exaggerated smile. haha.
He found some playmates.

Yes, its just the 3 of them. :D

Happiness :)))

He enjoyed this slide a lot.

 And this is one fun and happy day!
Hope you had yours too. :)


Kai Grafia said...

Wow! Full-time mommy! HAHA :DD I remember Fun Castle. We featured that on the show and the staff required me to jump up and down and play for our Opening Billboard. HAHA

missbebedoll said...

wow.. you have a baby?? cuuuuteee! :D your baby is sooo big na! <3 cute! :D kelan kaya ako magkakaroon ng ganyan. huwhuw. hehehe :D

P.S. cute pics! :D

xoxo, rhea bue

rachelle said...

IKR ate kai. full time mom ang role. haha.
really? parang napansin ko sa tv ang mga shots. hehe.
D enjoyed a lot dun. :)))

rachelle said...

yes I do. i had him at 17. haha.
oh thank you! i know, he's big na and im not here always to witness him growing. i have a lot to catch up with him.
nah. you're still young. wag muna yan problemahin. haha.

Stylish By Nature said...

Such cute pictures !!

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MaryJane Tauyan said...

o love seeing happy kids and moms! very nice and inspiring for other moms as well! xx

dimaks said...

it's fun to see those photos. i know keeping kids entertained is a full time job. two thumbs-up!


Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

that sure is a fun moment with your kiddo. he is blessed to have a full time mommy like you at least for the summer. better if the whole time. as a kid nothing beats like being taken cared of by mom.

Markable said...

Reminds me of my brother! Ang kulet lang nila no!? :D but kids are good company so okay lang.

Rachelle Bate said...

thank you :)

Rachelle Bate said...

kids are really a hand full. but I love them..
thanks for dropping by! :)

Rachelle Bate said...

i have so much to catch up with him as his mom.. I'm still studying and still have to cross the sea just to get back home and spend time with him.. so summer is just the right time..

Rachelle Bate said...

sobrang kulet.. kids at his age and up are super active na.. ayaw na nga matulog minsan.. :D
playtime lagi..

marri said...

I have a toddler too and he's very much attached to me though his yaya is around to take care of him when I am in front of our PC to accomplish my blogging tasks. Good thing you find time to bond with D and your Mom.

Rachelle Bate said...

that's good to know.. buti nalang hindi nalalayo loob ni D sakin though I'm always away..
bumabawi nalang din ngayon..
thank you po.. :)

markpogi said...

I could already imagine how active my daughter would be when she reaches three years old. She's still a year and a month old. ^_^

Rachelle Bate said...

ohh, a baby.. i wish my kid didn't grow na.. haha. i love it when they're still at that age/stage..
lots of habulan moments. :D

msairrapingol said...

I miss being a kid! They look all so adorable! :)

tatess said...

our kid have the same age ,terrible 3. they are our angel na mapagmahal .

Rachelle Bate said...

that's the reason why we should have the most during our time. hehe. we definitely miss being a kid..

Rachelle Bate said...

waah.. i don't know what's with my kid.. he's super pasaway.. :(
but then, he's one sweet kid din talaga..

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