Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello bloggers! Howdy? 
Been a busy mommeh lately so 
I haven't been updating my blog.
My blog looked so empty. LOL

Last week I got the chance to be with friends. 
And one of them do painting.
His favorite past time aside from drawing.
He is one good artist as for me. :)

Before he began, he cleaned his brushes first.
The way he did it give me a brilliant idea. 
I would clean my cute little make up brushes
just the way he did it.

And here's how it goes...

What we need:
1. anti-bacterial liquid soap (hand soap or dish washing soap)
-I think it is a must that the soap should be anti-bacterial
to thoroughly remove all makeup residues, body oils, dead skin and
dirt that make brush havens for bacteria which can cause breakouts.
2. olive oil
- Dish washing is soap is gonna strip the hair of its natural oil
and will dry out the hair. That's why we need this olive oil
to recondition the brushes.

We have to clean our brushes regularly
to prevent breakouts.
As much as possible, we should 
sanitize/disinfect them daily.

I've been at home like a month now 
so I haven't been painting my face. LOL.
I just got my uncleaned brushes (because I cleaned the 
rest right after I went home from laag with friends.hihi)

I bought this olive oil before summer
vacation came (before its time to go home).
Opted for this one rather than the extra
virgin olive oil. The extra virgin costs like almost
times two than the regular one and I'm on budget. HAHA.
I personally use this for my hair and sometimes, face.
The extra virgin olive oil is very good for the face. It's
a natural acne treatment. Go for natural!

We got a non antibac dish washing soap at home,
so I head out to the nearest store and bought this:

P5 lang! hehe. Settled for this then.

Moving on...

I got my dirty brushes and a white plate.
I included my mascara here because my mascara's brush is
so I-DONT-KNOW what na.

And on the process...
Mix the soap and olive oil on the plate.

 I poured small amount of soap and oil
because I got just these tiny brushes.

Then, dip your brush in it and stir in a circular motion.
And wipe them back and forth in your hands.
I didn't got the chance to take pictures of them
wiping on my hands because I'm using both of my hands. HAHA. (MALAMANG!)

Look at these.
See how the residues are off the brush.
Mascara brush.
Looked so EUWW..

There you go. After that, you just have to wash them.
Lukewarm water will do. But NOT hot water.
It will definitely gonna damage your brushes.
And then just wipe them dry with a regular towel.


Cleaned my brushes in an affordable way.
 And I had fun doing this. LOL.

Hope this post helped. 
Have a great Tuesday everyone! :)


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