Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 AM

Been so nocturnal lately and this feeling sucks! As much as I want myself on bed having a good night sleep, I just cant!
Thought of doing something productive so I got my eyes roaming around our four-corner rented room which I share with my sister. My eyes first laid on our table, our messy table.
It got lots of untidily piled notebooks, books, papers, and all other school stuffs and even unnecessary things.

Thought of my books. My babies. My precious. HAHA. Yeah, they're well taken cared of. They looked good as new though they don't do in this picture. Used my good old 2MP phone's cam for this quick shot. Here's a glance.

Oh yes! Accounting books. My food for thought.

I have to keep up with my course so I better grab a baby to take care of and go on through thick and thin for every subject. Here's some more in my closet.
And yes, I seriously need a shelf!

I got some of them uncovered so I thought of covering them to do something productive at this very unholy hour.

Olah! More way to go with these babies! <3
More blogs to come. hihihi :*


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