Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

This is definitely a Terrible Tuesday. I can't exactly put into words how my day was. I guess no words could even explain. Totally an I-don't-know what. Blah blah.
Thought of blogging again. I haven't been updating my blog these past few days. It's our final exam week. Was so consumed on solving problems and reading notes (CHOS!). I'm trying to keep off the internet 'cause I'm pretty sure I'll be hooked.

So here's how my Tuesday went on.
Slept a lil bit late last night reading (or more like scanning) my business law book. We're scheduled for final exam on our Negotiable Instruments Law at 2PM. Pretty convenient on waking up late though.

Clock ticks 2PM and VIOLAH! Our exam turned out the VERY LEAST I expected it to be. Atty's assistant went on his behalf. The moment I received my test paper, I couldn't stop myself from blurtingout these words "WHAT THE HECK?".
Excuse my language. I can't help it.
The questions was like define this and that and everything. 25 items of defining everything with legal basis? I'M GONNA DIE! Oh God, please don't.

Atty usually gives situational form of exam so I didn't really mind memorizing everything. Just a matter of understanding the law. Memorize = A BIG NO!
Atty wont let us memorize the law too. And I just don't really know why it turned out like that.
So vain, I took some shots of my test paper.

Closer details below.

I was all the way cheering up my brain to try to remember what I read.
"C'mon, you know this."
And it's a little effective though. HAHA. Shelled out some info from
my lazy brain neurons naman kahit papano.
I know this is like eating peanuts for others. But hey, there's always someone with an exception. And yes, it's me.LOL. This what laziness brought me into. 

So that's it. I couldn't bring back my good mood after that.
Went home and slept through it. I thought it would help, but still I woke up 
depressed and again thought for another remedy.
FOOD! It's my first thought.
So I texted my good old friend/classmate. I know we feel the same way though.LOL
I said, "Lezz EAT!"
And in less than a minute a received a reply.
"Bene ya." (COME NA)

Waited for him to fetch me up. Good thing he got the wheels. Haha.
And we're on the way to Paseo. Bar Code is my favorite dining spot.
I don't know but I seem to eat a lot there than in any other place.

So we settled for:
Sizzling Beef Curry
Sea food platter
Cheese sticks (my all time favorite)
Rice platter

I know it's too much for just us two.
The fact that we're both depressed, says it all. HAHA.
Took a shot of the sea food platter only.
We're currently eating the curry and cheese sticks na kasi.

Tadah! Nagutom ulit ako. HAHAHA.
Say what? I didn't spend a single penny!
Bill = 647 pesos!
So generous of my friend.

And so I did overcome my depression.
Went home with a heavy stomach and a happy face. Hihi.

So, terrible it isn't.
That's how my Tuesday went on. How was yours? :)


Kai Grafia said...

wow! great bud you got there! :))

rachelle said...

indeed! best food buddy ever.. :)))

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