Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I was never a fan of cosmetics since then.
As much as I want a simple look, with just a loose powder and a quick glide of my lip balm, I'm settled. But then as I grow older, I could see that my mentioned daily get up
was no longer enough.
Not enough to hide my impurities.
I don't always take the time to put it on but, when I do, I want to find a good blush and a lipstick that will make me look fresh and alive, not overdone.
I've gone conscious about how I look, I mean who doesn't?? Well I know a few who don't. And I could feel that awkward feeling that they should feel. HAHA.

Anyway, this post is also about what I got here. Here's my small pouch.

(Again, sorry for my poor quality photos posted. Left my cam at home.)
Took off some contents so it's halfway filled.

I'll start with my cute lil brushes. ^.^
Bought them online at 120php ONLY. Not bad for a starter.
I liked the brushes' soft bristles and of course, the cute prints. ;)

I also got a retractable brush from Ever Bilena before acquiring those above brushes.
I didn't like this as much as I like my cheap cute-printed brushes.
It's a little hard for me that my face went stressed. Haha.
I don't know, but maybe its just me. :)

Next up, liquid foundation.
I got two. A Rimmel London and San San matte finish
liquid foundation. I got a combination/oily skin.
But they put on nice on me naman. :)
Rimmel London liquid foundation is another online buy.
Price ranged around 500-600PHP. I forgot how much it exactly costs.
It's a Renew and Lift which claimed that its a retexturising and firming foundation.
The SPF thing encouraged me to purchase this.
San San matte finish is also a great everyday wear for me.
I'm also"hiyang" with it.
Plus, it costs way more lower than Rimmel.

I also got Avon's Simply Pretty pressed powder and
blush on. :)

LIPSTICKS! Oh I'm in love with these.

I got five NYX round lipsticks (in Fig, Tea Rose, Paparazzi, Eros and Spellbound)
and a Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in Fudge Brownie (smells soooo yummy!).
I'm into lipsticks more than any other cosmetics.
Hopefully, more lippies to come! ^.^

And of course, lip balm. This one's a glossy type with a cooling
mint flavor. So refreshing. :)

I usually don't put anything on my eyes.
Felt uncomfortable with the eye shadows and liners on.
I think I'm a bit allergic to those. So I'm just putting them on occasionally.
I still manage to have a simple eye shadow kit from Careline.

I love 'em all.

Any more suggestions? :)


lalalaPatricia said...

Bunch of lippies! Try to buy lip balm and lip gloss to. Before applying and after applying lippies you need those two. Weh? haha for me lng :D I don't usually wear something. Concealer lng just to hide my eyebags but sometimes. Nothing. Haha I like your brushes too! <3

rachelle said...

Thanks! hihi ^,^
absolutely! lip balm is a must have..
that's cool. I hope I can go out wearing nothing too. :(
Oh yea! Lippies <3 hhihi

Kai Grafia said...

Hi rachelle! :) obviously you're addicted to lippies, then maybe you should join Jannie's giveaway. winner gets 5 lippies! :))

rachelle said...

I'll definitely check that out as soon as I can get on with a stable internet connection. For the love of lippies. <3
Thanks Kai :)

missblogchic said...

Hi cheng! We have the same powder brush and foundation (san-san)..hehehe..nice post :))

rachelle said...

Hello lyv. Thanks! More to come. hihi

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