Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Acquisitions

It's summer and I'm stuck at home for two long months! @.@
Yes, just home. My summer officially started Friday of last week.
If only I got a four-year course, I should have graduated na din sana. *sigh*
Unfortunately, the course I'm in don't offer summer classes, so I don't have a choice but to stay home.
I know in a way blogging would make my summer not that boring. ;)
My parents won't let me get a summer job. Well then, I'll be a totally home buddy the whole summer time.

Moving on my boring summer, I just thought of sharing you guys my recent purchases.
They're mostly online finds.

This is my first uploaded photo so I'll start with this then.

Bought this from Ate Karen of Kai Fragrances.
This scent is personally recommended by Ate Karen. It's named Minuit Blume.
I loved the somewhat "gothic" design in the packaging.
Is "gothic" the right term? hehe. 

It comes in a matte finish glass bottle
 with a somewhat French femme design, I guess. ^.^

I love this scent Ate Kai recommended.
Very refreshing and lasts all day long. Thumbs up!

Moving on...

Next, another lippies! <3
I'm in love with this particular brand.
So I thought of purchasing their best sellers, the matte lipstick and soft matte lip cream.

SMLC in Stockholm is now a FAV! Just the right nude for me.
 I didn't really like the shade I got for matte. It's in Summer Breeze.
I'm like Lady Gaga. LOL! It's a very bright pink.
I didn't like it with my "morena" complexion.
 Deceived by the pictures. ><

And then, Brushes!

The first one is an unbranded 12pc brush set.
The truth is, I really don't know why I bought this. I don't even know how to use some of them. HAHA.
I didn't use them yet, so I'm thinking of reselling this set. (all hopes of finding a buyer).

And this is another cheap basic brush set. Hihi.
 It comes in a cute animal printed pouch. ;)

This set is <3. I love this 4pc brush set.
It's from benefit. Received this as a gift. Yey!

It comes in 4 brushes.

I just took some shots on different views. 

Honestly, I'm still not sure on how to use them since I don't usually 
put on eye shadows. o.O

I'll just show you detailed pictures then.

The powder brush.

The hard angle brush.
I actually don't have any idea how
I'd use this. For eye liners? :)

Shadow liner.

And fluff shadow brush.

There you go. *wink* ;)
I still have some online buys that are still in transit.

Here are grabbed photos from the seller and the others
are googled. :)

3 Milani lip liners.
Milani pressed powder.

CG lipstick in Fresh Jam shade.
Maybeline lip liner in Rose shade.
And another liner. CG outlast liner in Plum shade.

Another unhealthy cosmetics coming. >.<
Too late. *regrets*
I guess I have to refrain myself from 
online shopping from now on.

How about you? 
What are your recent finds? :)


Kai Grafia said...

Rachelle! :)) Thank you for including your purchase from Kai Fragrances! :)) Hehe.

Olyv Tago said...

waaaahh..i like the brushes..

anjfire said...

That's a lot of purchases! Haha
Show pics of how stockholm looks on you! :D

rachelle said...

most welcome ate. more to come. :D

rachelle said...

buy ya lyv! :D

Janna Joshelle Parel said...

Haha. Lotsa recent buys ha. :)

rachelle said...

sinagad ko na nalang coz its summer na. which means NO ALLOWANCE for me na. haha.
will look forward on posting that soon anj. :)

lalalaPatricia said...

bunch of goodies ah!Cute stuff you got here :)

rachelle said...

thanks! :)

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