Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who is Rachelle?

A dreamer at heart. Susceptible to “tuning out” mid conversation. A sucker for snuggling on rainy days. Tries to watch scary movies - but fails miserably. Knows the difference between making a living - and making a life. A closet reader of trashy tabloids. Intelligent when the subject actually interests her. (CHOS!) Not young enough to know everything. Hates being late, but so often is. Believes in luck - the harder you work, the more luck you get. Loves ANY food, without much veggies of course.

Hopes to travel the world one day. Intolerant of rude people. Loyal friend. Laughs to loud. Talks to much. Doesn’t stress enough over uni. Believes in learning the rules - and breaking them. Embraces her inner nerd. Tries to avoid pessimism. Enjoys small victories in life. Swears like a soldier when angry. Fascinated by ancient history. Answers to the nickname “CHENG”. Irritated by fake personalities. Confused by maths subjects. Willing to make people laugh at own expense. Promises to get fit…then doesn’t. Has no particular favourite color - or does white count? Frets when away from DANIEL for too long. Nostalgic. Misses family dearly. Believes a good cup of COFFEE can mend the worst day. If that doesn’t work - turns to TEQUILLA.
Aims to preserve the naivity she has left. Never a Narcissistic. Attempts to have the straightest hair possible (FAILED!). Drinks more coffee than is necessary. Drinks more soft drinks than is necessary. A scary fondness/obsession for perfumes. Hopeless at saving, but tries nonetheless. Loves to ‘hug it out’. Habitually does assignments on the day they are due - and each time claims that it will be the last.

Believes friends are the family you get to choose - but wouldn’t choose her family any other way either! Loves the feeling of her not perfectly applied makeup. Knows her worth, and won’t be short changed on it.


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